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Lake of the woods region, host some of the finest Canadian hunting you'll ever know. Lecuyer's Canada Lodge, the Lecuyer's family and their top professional hunting guides. Hold a world class reputation for offering the finest in fair chase hunts in the ontario wilderness. We are your most experienced hunting lodge outfitters in this region. Whether it be hosting a corporate outing or a private group. Our skilled guides will help insure a fun outdoor canada shed antler hunt experience. Because of our year of hunting throuhout the surrounding big bush areas we are very aware of the areas that the deer winter in. Ontario shed hunts are done in these areas each day you'll go out for the entire day with you guide in search of fresh shed antlers from past winters.

Come join us for one of the most exhilarating, fun, environmentally friendly sports around today, Shed Antler Hunting! Yes you heard right! Our Pro Staff Guides will take you and your group into prime areas, both our exclusive farmlands, as well as into the wilds with nature, in our Big Bush areas. A Ontario shed antler hunt is a fantastic experience, emagine the feeling coming across that whitetail deer or moose anlter the animal just dropped over the winter months. Enjoying the peace..... listening to the bird's. Being as close to and with nature as one can be.

This is not only a shed antler hunt, but can be just as easily called a "BIRD WATCHERS WILDERNESS SAFARI" or a "WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHERS SAFARI" to "STRESS RELIEVER CLASS 101" The splendor of spring time. Hundreds of different birds, some being very rare indeed! As well as viewing Deer, Moose, Bear, Timber wolves and countless other animals in their most natural environment. In our Big Bush, your guide will take you into some of the most rugged, beautiful lands you could ever imagine.

So, if it's the opportunity of finding, trophy whitetail deer or moose antlers, bird watching, wildlife viewing, or YOU JUST NEED A BREAK in the spring time of the year, from the office and other Life Stress situations With no people, no phones, no demands put on you, this is the place you need to be!!!!!

Give us 6 days of your Life, let nature give you...... Your Life back!

Rate for Shed Antler Hunt

2 person rate ...... $400. per day per person

3 person rate ...... $350. per day per person

4 person rate ....... $275. per day per person

includes all lodging, meals, guide, equipment and gas that guide requires

extras: tax, tips



Call Toll Free 1-800-201-2100
Direct Phone 1-807-484-2448
Email: lecuyerslodge@gmail.com

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